End of PiR Participant Videos

At the end of the Partners in Recovery program, North Brisbane Partners in Recovery filmed a series of participant videos, one from each of the 8 agencies in the PiR consortium, to capture the difference this program made in the lives of those it supported.

System Reform Projects – Where are they now?

From 2014 – 2016 North Brisbane Partners in Recovery funded a range of system reform projects in the North Brisbane Region, to improve the system response and services for people with severe and persistent mental illness. Many of these projects went on to impact future service delivery and some became programs in their own right. In 2018 we filmed a series of follow up videos to see where these system reform projects were at, and showcase their work.

Historic PiR Vodcasts (2013-2017)

Click here to view archived PiR vodcasts from 2013-2017.